Alone – However, Not Forgotten!

Children come into the world expecting someone to take care of them, love them and invest in them. However this child was born to a mother who was not reliable, nor attentive or affectionate; maybe because she was only a child herself when this baby was born.

As the Family Advocate in Johnson County…this is the story I overheard one day as one of our intake staff was filling out the paperwork for this man as he shared his sorrow. My heart wept for this child, and I was glad that this man (the child’s uncle) stepped up and knocked on TNS’ door seeking help for this child (his nephew).

When the man left, my passion to help children reach their full potential inspired me to ask for this child’s case. As you may know, research show that children who are neglected the wiring of their brain goes awry. The result can be long-term mental and emotional problems. I did not want this for this child.

When I first started working with the family, the mother was not in the picture…however, the uncle, and TNS staff, and myself worked together to support this child’s emotional, educational and physical needs. In time, I started working with the mother after building a relationship of trust and non-judgmental. This mother dropped out of school, however, just like a lot of our teen mothers…she felt shame, punished, hampered and her view of raising a child was distorted.

After mentoring, providing family literacy classes, and working with this mother she began to develop effective parenting skills, completed her GED, obtained a job, and saved enough money to buy herself a car. She now is the primary care giver and nurturer to the child and the uncle now has taken the role of just “the uncle.”

This mother has achieved many short term goals and is now working on moving out of her mom’s home into an apartment with her child.

TNS offers a broad range of services to protect children like this little boy, our most vulnerable population – we fully immerse ourselves in the interest of the people we serve, enabling us to plan, gauge and develop holistic approach to each particular circumstance – empowering our clients to realize their full potential – with a greater understanding and confidence in their own lives.

Because of the work we do and our partnerships, together we create lasting sustainable change for a better life and community for all.