Helping People. Changing Lives.” Whether it’s a Head Start/Early Head Start program, training, housing, energy assistance, financial education, or any of the other distinct service, TNS works to close the “Achievement Gap” and enable low-income citizens in the areas we serve to achieve economic security, make communities a better place to live.

Since 1965, TNS has worked to carry out our vision (“A world with social and economic well-being for all…”) by guiding services to address the achievement gap and other social and economic issues in order to achieve a higher impact of community sustainability. With over 300 staff working across 9 Counties, we strengthen families, and are helping to grow healthy diverse leaders for the future. We influence the dialogue about policies, emerging educational practices, and other resources needed to create social and economic well-being for all. We collaborate and partnership, linking fields, and strengthening networks to accomplish more by working together with others.

In pursuit of social and economic well-being for all, TNS applies the following layered framework of comprehensive services to achieve our organization’s vision: