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As a volunteer, you'll introduce children to new experiences showing them that they're capable of more than they ever imagined. Think how amazing that would be. Share your time and talents to help shape a child’s future for the better by volunteering.

Make a difference... And have some fun!

With the help of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers like you, our children can leap over the ‘achievement gap’ with courage, confidence, character, and literacy skills that will help them succeed in school and throughout life…building a better world; to become tomorrow’s leaders in government and business, education and science. Your participation will empowered our children with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to solve 21st century global problems. Your commitment and talent will inspire them to strive toward a future of economic autonomy, physical well-being, and political and social participation.

Join other adult volunteers who volunteer helping our children. Whether you have a just a few hours per month to give or more; whether you want to participate in exciting activities or share your passion regarding a favorite topic; whether you are looking to serve your neighborhood...

Become a Volunteer!

Children are about friendship, hopefulness, adventure, excitement, and role models. Volunteering is a great way to join in the fun!

TNS adult volunteers are a diverse group.  They are college students working on a community-action project, parents reading with their child’s group, or any responsible adult volunteer (female or male, who have passed the necessary screening process) looking to make a difference in a children’s life.

You don't need a degree, title or experience to make a positive difference in children. When you volunteer time, talent, education and abilities, the children benefit…and so do you!

Volunteers are important to the operation of our Head Start programs. Below are examples of ways you can help children and our program be successful by volunteering inside or outside of the classroom setting.

Classroom Activities

  • Read or tell stories to children, participate in Circle Time

  • Help in all activity areas in the classroom including art, cooking experiences, building and more!

  • Share family recipes, stories and cultural traditions

  • Help teachers with walking or community field trips

  • Greet children, help with arrival routines

  • Assist children with teeth-brushing, playing a musical instrument or singing

Non-Classroom Activities

  • Help with playground maintenance or toy repair

  • Assist with parent and classroom bulletin boards

  • Translate newsletter or written materials into other languages

  • Attend Parent meetings of involved families

  • Volunteer to be a committee member on the Policy Council

  • Gather or make materials for classroom projects

  • Make phone calls for special activity reminders

  • Copy, fold, sort, staple materials

  • Record a story for use in the classroom

  • Facilitate a workshop to empower our families in being successful

  • Participate in self-assessment or program review

To volunteer contact Rebecca Connell at rebecca.connell@txns.org or contact the center located nearest you. Head Start/Early Head Start volunteers must complete the Volunteer application in addition to:

  • Affidavit for Applicants for Volunteer Placement (notarized)

  • TB test verifying they are free of active tuberculosis

  • Criminal History Background Check

  • Volunteer Orientation

  • Confidentiality Acknowledgement