Texas Neighborhood

Social and Emotional Health

  • TNS provides services for families and children in the area of Mental Wellness. The education team can provide information, training, support, and referrals for additional help. A mental health consultant regularly visits each center as a resource for parents and staff.
  • The education team works closely with staff and parents to meet the mental health needs of children and families.
  • For young children, good mental health means being able to develop secure, trusting relationships, expressing emotions appropriately and interacting with others.
  • All children have a social/emotional screening to identify any possible need for services (skill-building, emotional identification, behavior support, counseling services).
  • TNS contracts with mental health providers in the community to provide services for families. Your Family Advocate Staff or Teacher can assist you to do this.

The following services are available:


An Ages & Stages Questionnaires-Social Emotional (ASQ: SE) (social-emotional screening tool) is completed for each child within 45 days of enrollment.


With parental/guardian permission, individual child observations are done by a mental health professional when there are mental health concerns. Consultation is available to parents, teachers, family advocates, and any other staff working with children.

The education team also does classroom-wide observation and consultation. TNS has a mental health consultant that is called in for additional observation and consults with staff and family if necessary. This provides additional screening and identification of children with mental health needs. Additionally, teachers receive support on how to address individual and classroom-wide mental health issues.


The family advocates provide referrals to children and families in need of counseling. Our collaborating agencies have experience with the mental health needs of young children and their families.