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Nutrition Services

Nutritious food is the foundation for growth and development of a healthy body. Learning about healthy foods and exploring tastes, textures, and smells is part of the Head Start experience. Feeding and mealtime offer opportunities for young children to learn about their bodies, develop fine motor skills, and self-regulation. Parents and staff play important roles in ensuring that children are well-nourished.

The Nutrition Services promote child wellness by providing nutrition education to children and parents, as well, on healthy diets and lifestyles.  Nutrition Services provides provides a nourishing breakfast, lunch, and snack daily to children, which is a fundamental Head Start service. TNS Nutrition Services works with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) program to ensure all center-based children receive one half to two-thirds of their daily nutritional needs, depending on the length of the program day. Special consideration is given for children with special dietary or for religious concerns.

Good activity habits are formed early in a child's life. Helping young children maintain a healthy weight through nutritious meals and regular moderate to vigorous physical activity are the cornerstones for promoting healthy weight. Each child’s weight and height is monitored at least twice a year. A nutrition assessment reviews a child's eating and growth patterns to detect inadequate diet, growth problems, or anemia. If a child is found to be underweight or overweight, anemic or other growth problems appropriate steps are followed to help ensure the child returns to a healthy weight for his/her height.

In addition to heightening the awareness of proper nutrition and physical activity. The Nutrition Services content area has been dedicated to ensuring that menus are planned to include:

  • Whole grain products daily
  • Fresh fruits and/or frozen vegetables daily.
  • 1% Milk daily
  • Foods high in Vitamin A three times per week
  • Foods high in Vitamin C daily
  • 100% juice without added sugar

The Nutrition program is funded by the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

The Nutrition Content area has developed and implemented several nutrition initiatives that fosters to educating children, families and staff about the importance of nutrition, and physical activity. These programs are:? ?