Early Head Start

Families are children’s first and most important caregivers, teachers and advocates.

Early Head Start Environment

TNS Early Head Start environments are intriguing, rich, and challenging to children however they are not over-stimulating. TNS goal is to provide rich in subtle visual and tactile experience, incorporating natural elements as much as possible. TNS Early Head Start facilities provide outdoor and indoor activity space, quiet and active play areas, and learning centers for all children including those with disabilities.

Early Head Start Provides Nurturing Environments

Children learn best when they are emotionally and physically safe and secure.

Early Head Start

Learning is FUN – Provide ample opportunities for play.

Early Head Start

Build on children’s interests.

Early Head Start Dual Language Learners

Ensure that children who are dual language learners (DLLs) progress toward all the goals in the Framework,Continued development of the home language across the birth-to-5 period will support learning and development, including the acquisition of English including the acquisition of English.

Early Head Start Learning Environment

TNS Early Head Start teachers are intentional and purposeful in closing the academic achievement gap.