Texas Neighborhood

Utility Assistance

Texas Neighborhoods Services provides comprehensive services to economically disadvantaged individuals, families and the elderly.

Through CAP programs, residents learn to become financially independent, reducing and eliminating their reliance on social services.

TNS assist low-income individuals to overcome barriers and make positive life changes.

Energy Utility Assistance

Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) – is designed to assist low income households in meeting their immediate energy needs and to encourage consumers to control energy costs for years to come through energy education.

Crisis Services

Provides utility assistance once a year to low income households experiencing a financial crisis and have received a disconnection notice or there in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Self-Sufficiency Program

  • Education (GED)
  • Case Management
  • Improve living conditions
  • Financial Management Training
  • Employment to transition out of poverty

If you are needing assistance with your utility bill please fill out the application and contact our office for more information.