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Children start learning the moment they are born.

Parents are their first teachers and learning begins at home. When they start going to day care or preschool, children whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to do well—and throughout life. Research shows that’s true, regardless of family income or background.

About 85 percent of a person’s brain develops by age 5. So early learning is one of the most important keys to your child’s success.

Here are some resources that may help:


Family Goal-Setting 

Everyone wants success, but we all have different ideas of what that means. We each start in different places, set our sights on different goals, and use different means of moving toward them. A small accomplishment for one person might be a major achievement for another. The meaning of success really depends on the individual.  It is true for everyone, however, that the quest for success is never finished. Anyone who attains success has to work to hold onto it. Furthermore, the achievement of one goal usually reveals another. Likewise, a person can be successful in one area while still struggling in another. Thus, success involves a continuous striving toward goals. It is not an end result that is achieved. Rather, it is a continuous process of growth. It is possible to fall into success, but more often it comes through conscious effort. You shape your future by taking the time to contemplate where you are, where you want to go, and the strengths and skills you can use to get there. Striving toward success often means setting priorities and identifying specific goals. It is necessary to prepare by thinking through the challenge involved in reaching a goal, in order to lessen surprise and reduce failure.