Texas Neighborhood

Early Head Start

  Our Aim:

  • To be the best
  • To help staff develop their careers
  • To provide good management
  • To be a possibility for research project
  • To address the needs of our local areas
  • To provide excellent educational environments for young children
  • To provide comprehensive services (health, social services, parent involvement, disability services, & education)
  • To help families establish and reach goals
  • To mobilize communities to provide resources needed to support strong families
  • To provide quality service through highly-trained, caring, and well-compensated staff

Start program in 1994, Congress established a new program for low-income families with infants and toddlers and pregnant women which is called Early Head Start. In creating this program, the Congress acted upon evidence from research and practice which illustrates that early intervention through high quality programs enhances children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development; enables parents to be effective caregivers and teachers to their children; and helps parents meet their own goals, including economic independence.

The Early Head Start program provides resources to community programs to address such needs and to achieve the purposes set forth by Congress. The local programs funded through Early Head Start operate as a national laboratory to demonstrate the impact that can be gained when early, continuous, intensive and comprehensive services are provided to pregnant women and very young children and their families.