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Texas Neighborhood Services (TNS) Head Start/Early Head Start program has a long tradition of delivering intensive, comprehensive and high quality services to pregnant women and very young children (birth – 5 years of age) designed to foster healthy development in children from economically disadvantaged families.

Head Start and Early Head Start Purpose

Head Start created to combat poverty by closing the education achievement gap that separates economically disadvantaged children, from their peers whose family have a higher economic status.  The beginning years of a child’s life develops the creation of learning patterns, emotional development and the formation of individual expectations and aspirations take place at a very rapid pace. For the child born in poverty there are clearly observable deficiencies in the processes which lay the foundation for a pattern of failure – and thus a pattern of poverty – throughout the child’s entire life. Head Start simply allows children born into poverty to enter kindergarten healthy and emotionally, socially and cognitively ready to succeed in learning, school and life as their peers of a higher economic status.

Head Start and Head Start Eligibility

TNS Head Start and Early Head Start are family and child development programs for low-income families. Family income is one key factor in determining eligibility. The federal poverty guidelines are used to evaluate family income. In addition, Early Head Start and Head Start programs must make at least 10% of their enrollment opportunities available to children with disabilities who are eligible for Part B services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in Texas.

You are eligible for Head Start and Early Head Start services if you meet the income  guidelines and:

  • You have children from 6 weeks through 5 years, or
  • You are pregnant, or
  • You have children with special needs with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP), or
  • You have foster children with high risk factors, or
  • You are a parent with a disability and/or possessing disabling conditions.

Source: HHS Poverty Guidelines

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At TNS HS/EHS, children are always counting down to the next adventure over the “Achievement Gap” in the world of science, art, math, literacy, or exploring the world of out-of-doors or professions in the community. With us, children make new friends while enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development; and their families are enhanced as well because of our program.      

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Overview of Head Start and Early Head Start Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive services provided to children and their families through Texas Neighborhood Services Head Start and Early Head Start program is what sets it apart from other early childhood education programs. TNS Head Start and Early Head Start program, health, oral health, and nutrition services; supports for children with disabilities; and family and community partnerships enhance the education and the early childhood development services typically offered in a preschool program.

The resources below support Head Start’s comprehensive services by linking to information found through the five other Head Start National Centers: Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness; Early Head Start National Resource Center; Health; Parent, Family, and Community Engagement; and Quality Teaching and Learning.